Den of Iniquity

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Islam in England

When it comes to the UK, a dominant headline is the news that over 1,400 underage girls were sexually abused over a number of years, by male Muslim gangs in Rotherham. When the girls or their parents complained to the police, the crimes weren’t investigated and perpetrators weren’t prosecuted, due to a fear of racial reprisals. These girls, some as young as 11 and 12, were firstly groomed to test their compliance and susceptibility, and then drugged, raped, sold, beaten and threatened with violence against their families, if they didn’t comply or return to their abusers. Some of these girls- most of these girls- were vulnerable, coming from broken homes or ‘looked-after’ environments (foster & children homes), where their comings and goings could be easily overlooked. All were girls who believed that the young Asian man paying them attention was a boyfriend; an older, interesting man who loved them and who they had to please.

From the accounts coming from the media, this is how the gangs worked: a younger Asian male would pick a girl, gain her trust and have her thinking that they were ‘in a relationship’ and then they would start making demands on them, drugging them and using sexual violence and threats against their families. Yet when these girls reached out and told someone- pleaded for help- the police and our law system left them to rot.

This has become typical of the UK- nothing can be said about the religion of Islam or its followers for the threat of being called ‘racist’. We are not allowed to pin-point them as a group related to any kind of crime and when it does became apparent that there IS a majority of this culture perpetrating crime, we get told it’s ‘isolated’- that this kind of behaviour isn’t about culture, but about the individuals committing the crime. These are words not born out of truth, but fear of reprisals against the Muslim community.

It’s Islamic arse-wiping.

The truth is that this has been going on for years- longer than the current news stories are revealing. These Asian gangs have been doing this for years, especially in my town, which has one of the highest populations of Muslims in the country.

When I was a teenager, there were girls in my school that were ignorantly labelled ‘Paki Meat’ by the more judgmental bitches. One of the girls was an outside school friend, who I didn’t mix with in school, because we were in different years. She was sexually older than appropriate at her 15 years and had a much older Asian boyfriend, who worked as a taxi driver. She told me about his wife, his kids, the presents she used to get from him, the alcohol he used to buy her.......By the time she was 17, she was a single-parent and he was threatening to kill her, if she told his family that he was the father. Very similar to a story that came out recently of a girl who was murdered for exactly the same thing- she’d had a baby by a Muslim guy and threatened to tell his family.  

Yet this was 22 years ago.

It was well known when I was a teenager that if you got in with Muslims, you were doomed to be a single-mother- the men didn’t use protection and usually had wives or wives being arranged for them. Any girl with any respect for herself left the Muslim men to the Muslim women. But back then, we blamed the girls- we didn’t blame the men or the culture. We called them whores and dirty bitches for going with them.  

And it wasn’t even their fault- these girls were vulnerable, some only aged 13.

When I think back now, I shudder. My child is a year older than some of these girls and I can not, in any way, consider her as sexually mature enough to be going out with someone in their late teens or twenties. Yet at that age, we handed much more responsibility than we should have done to those girls. It wasn't their fault at all.

This goes deeper than young girls being fooled, manipulated and abused. The fact that we can’t speak out about this kind of crime without being labelled racist is a fucking travesty. There IS a culture of Muslim men that target WHITE girls and the UK has let them get away with it. The government have let the virus of Islam in to every pore of its society and we now have the difficulty of separating the minority of peaceful Muslims from the practice of extremism.

In this country, the Muslim population that had been integrating since the 1960’s has exploded with extremism and a majority no longer want to live by British ideals or laws. This is evident in the number of exclusively Islamic schools popping up, the fight for Sharia law and the continuing self segregation of Muslim communities. Yet through our fear of offence, we have facilitated that. We have given Muslim men the right to practice their oppressive, barbaric traditions and allowed them to live by their 7th century philosophy for what?

So that they can corrupt from the inside?

Forget Scottish independence or joining the EU; the government’s compliance with this culture will be the downfall of the UK and the less they do to ensure that ALL CULTURES LIVE BY BRITISH LAW, the more likely it is that UKIP will get in, in the next election. Yet they’re not the answer. If we let UKIP in, it’s a big step to the right and a leap in to the possibility of a Nazi rule. And who the fuck wants that? Their oppression of women is just as bad as the misogynistic culture they want to eradicate.

In the first few years of my life, I lived on the outskirts of the predominantly Asian area of town. It was where all the immigrants were dumped in the 50’s and 60’s and there were a mixture of cultures and religions sharing the same space- Muslims, Sikhs, Irish Catholics and small numbers of Chinese Buddhists were building up businesses and homes. Despite my 70’s and 80’s existence being aware of some social racism aimed against minority races; we shared a space and were friends as well as neighbours and I don’t ever recall my parents having racist attitudes. As far as my step-dad was concerned, we were all working-class and that’s how he connected with people- class, not race. I was taught that religion was a personal matter and everyone had a right to practice, but not to pressure. That way, we could all live in peace....and that was the beauty of Britain.

Despite my step-dad being a bit of a rebel against the system, he and my mother always instilled in to me how lucky I was to live here and hold a British passport. We had one of the best armed forces in the world, the right to free speech and a fair justice system. We could claim benefits, had a national health service that meant we didn’t have to die unnecessarily from treatable conditions and most of all- we were a multi-cultural society. Everyone, no matter their race or religion had the right to a fair, fortunate life in good old Blighty.

But everything I was once proud of about this country has gone and from what I can see, we have very little hope of ever restoring its Lion pride. Our shitty NHS system is a postcode lottery and would rather pay for plastic tits than save lives; our armed forces are slowly being cut and our justice system is nepotistic and too politically correct to do the job the tax payer’s fund. As for free speech- this doesn’t apply if you’re White and have something to say about another religion or culture. We are breeding Islamic terrorists, letting them rape and beat little girls and generally, letting the Muslim culture shit all over the place.

Yet we’re not allowed to talk about it.