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The Cochrane Collaboration

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 9:45 AM

In sharp contrast to government sources, The Cochrane Collaboration (CC), a highly respected, independent research institute, has carefully analyzed influenza vaccine studies. CC does not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry. The CC review on flu vaccines states.

"We conclude that there is no evidence that only vaccinating healthcare workers prevents laboratory-proven influenza, pneumonia, and death from pneumonia in elderly residents in long-term care facilities. Other interventions such as hand washing, masks, early detection of influenza with nasal swabs, antivirals, quarantine, restricting visitors, and asking HCWs with an influenza-like illness not to attend work might protect individuals over 60 in long-term care facilities. High-quality randomized controlled trials testing combinations of these interventions are needed."

Flu vaccine science has not adequately explored the impact of confounding variables on infection rates. This is particularly critical because the method by which the influenza virus transmits itself is poorly understood. In addition to the dearth of studies on the efficacy of vaccination in preventing transmission, there have been no studies examining the effects of HCW's hand-washing or taking time off when ill with an upper respiratory infection on transmission. Studies with volunteers subjecting themselves to direct exposure to flu droplets have not shown the virus to be highly transmissible. This is contrary to conventional wisdom.

What if the assumptions underpinning annual flu vaccines are wrong?

Toni Bark, MD, MHEM, LEED AP

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