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About Jesus

Posted on June 24, 2017 at 10:45 AM

About Jesus

The synoptic gospels (Mark, Matthew, and Luke) are our only relatively reliable sources of information about who Jesus was, what he did, where he went, and what he said. Yet those three books are notoriously unreliable as historical sources (about Jesus or anything else).

What do the synoptic gospels tell us about Jesus? Christians claim Jesus was both fully human and fully devine. But the synoptics show that Jesus never believed himself to be divine, never claimed to be divine, and certainly was not human as we think of it today.

GKJ Getting to Know Jesus

When was Jesus born? When did Jesus die? Exactly what happened the day Jesus was killed? Surely, if the Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit, producing the infallible, inerrant Word of God, the gospel authors would have gotten their facts straight on these extremely important events. Not so. They are inconsistent, contradictory, and, considered together, incoherent.

BDJ The Birth and Death of Jesus

Did Jesus exist prior to his birth into the family of Mary and Joseph? If so, in what form?

VBP The Virgin Birth and Preexistence

Contrary to what virtually all Christians believe, Jesus was not divine. His own words prove it. He doesn't even claim to be divine in the synoptics. Only in the John gospel do we find a divine Jesus, but the author of John proves himself to be a fraud, totally discrediting himself and his gospel.

JND Jesus Was Not Divine

The Jesus of the synoptics is quite different than the gentle Jesus portrayed by Christians. The fact is, as proven by the synoptics, Jesus had some serious character flaws. 

JHI Jesus Had Issues

When we take a close look at some of the things Jesus said, we see some very surprising claims that raise serious questions about Jesus' character and veracity.

JS Jesus Surprises

One of the most virtuous things a person can do for others is take care of himself. Jesus did not do that, and he told his disciples not to do that. His conduct and his attitude toward others show that Jesus was selfish, immature, and irresponsible.

BN Blessed Are the Narcissists

Shortly before his crucifixion, Jesus and his 12 disciples went to Jerusalem. Why did he go there? What happened there? It's a complex story which few Christians fully understand.

JJ Jerusalem

The Jewish concept of the Messiah was the subject of much disagreement. It was a belief that was forced to evolve as religion clashed with reality. That was especially so when Jesus was crucified and then resurrected. Jesus' followers had to rethink their whole messiah paradigm, and the result was a total makeover that resulted in the modern messiah.

MM Messiah Makeover

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