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The War for Southern Independence

Posted on April 16, 2019 at 3:55 PM

The War for Southern Independence

(aka the American Civil War)

We Americans call it the Civil War. But that's misleading. A civil war is usually one in which opposing forces try to take control of a country. That is not what happened in the Civil War, because the South did not want to control the US. The South just wanted to control the South. They wanted to go their separate way, peacefully, and be left alone. They had every right to do just that, but Abraham Lincoln refused to allow them to exercise that right. He sent Union forces into the South to force them to remain as part of the US. That's because he was unwilling to lose the tariff revenue which the South had been providing to the North for decades. For the South it was about the right to secede. For Lincoln it was about money and power. The war was not fought over slavery. At least, not in the beginning.

But that's not what we learn in school. Since the North won the war, they got to write the history books, and they wrote it to conceal their own barbaric conduct. We are taught that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and preserved the Union. He is an American hero. He is widely considered the gold standard of American presidents. But the truth is very different. He was a tyrant, a brutal dictator, a war criminal. He did not free a single slave. He preserved the Union in the same sense that a husband saves his marriage by beating his wife to a bloody pulp and chaining her to the bedpost.

What follows is abundant proof of all that, and much much more. In this series we find the truth of the butt-ugly episode in our history we call the Civil War.


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