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Vax: Serious Medical Intervention

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 11:20 AM

Public health officials proclaim that vaccines are safe and effective, but the truth is far more complicated. Vaccination is a serious medical intervention for healthy individuals against a disease that might occur. The decision whether to vaccinate has important, potential life-altering ramifications. While vaccines protect some, they unquestionably harm and cause death to others. For government to compel a potentially life-threatening product sets vaccination apart from other medical procedures. Public health officials tell us that those who suffer adverse reactions are exceedingly few. The basis for such an optimistic claim is doubtful.

Science on vaccine safety is inadequate. There are no randomized controlled studies [RTCs] comparing the total health outcomes of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. Scientists do not know the cumulative impact of the childhood vaccination schedule. Vaccines are approved and licensed individually, yet the CDC recommends that doctors give multiple vaccines at once. Furthermore, the CDC recommends vaccines to populations for which there are no safety data, such as flu shots for pregnant women. Research confirms that fewer than 10 percent of doctors report adverse vaccine events. Even so, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program [VICP] has paid over $2 billion in damages to more than 2500 families since 1988.

Vaccine Epidemic, Louise Kuo Habakus, MA and Mary Holland, JD

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