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Utilitarian Practice

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 11:15 AM

It is an undisputed, scientific fact that vaccines in their current state of development injure and cause death to certain vulnerable people. US law considers vaccines to be "unavoidably unsafe". Vaccination mandates today seek to protect the majority while sacrificing the unknowable, and unknowing, genetically vulnerable few. This utilitarian practice can only be justified if it is based on free and informed consent.

With a complete understanding of the risks and benefits of vaccines, individuals, parents, or guardians may elect to undergo the risks of vaccination to protect against possible disease. They are free to engage in a risk-benefit calculus with their healthcare practitioners and to accept the consequences of their choices. It is unjustifiable, however for the state to deprive individuals of accurate information and then to coerce them to accept potentially life-threatening medical interventions. Compulsory state vaccination policies violate the rights to liberty and security of person, and when vaccinations result in death, such policies violate the right to life. Even in circumstances of epidemic disease, compulsory vaccinations would be suspect without consideration of less invasive alternatives, such as self-quarantine and even coercive quarantine.

In the US, several vulnerable groups – such as children, military personnel, and immigrants – do not have a choice whether to receive vaccinations. Children cannot attend school and adults cannot keep some jobs without fulfilling vaccination mandates. The Vaccine Information Statements that healthcare workers are required by law to give with each federally recommended vaccination are grossly incomplete and often not given at all. Unlike manufacturers of almost all other products, vaccine manufacturers in the US are legally free from ordinary tort liability for their "unavoidably unsafe" products. The absence of free choice whether or not to use dangerous products, particularly when the manufacturers have exceedingly little liability for them, violates our fundamental rights.

Vaccine Epidemic, Louise Kuo Habakus, MA and Mary Holland, JD

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