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Vaxs are Not Safe and Effective

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 11:10 AM

Vaccines, like all prescription medicines, carry risks – the law considers them to be "unavoidably unsafe". Because the government and medical community want to ensure high vaccination rates, they do not publicize this legal fact. To the contrary, they tell the public that "vaccines are safe and effective". The public is lulled into believing that vaccines are almost perfectly risk free. That, however, is public relations.

The reality has not lived up to the principle. The message that "vaccines are safe and effective" does not reflect the reality that vaccines injure and cause death. Due to this tension, perhaps, the government goes to great lengths to compensate as few cases as possible, maintaining the fallacy that vaccine-induced injury occurs in a vanishingly rare number of cases.

If a parent or guardian asserts that vaccines caused his or her child's injury, they (the Department of Justice) will deny your reality. They'll deny your word. They'll say you're lying. They'll say you made it up. They'll say you're mistaken. They'll say you're very well-educated so you know how to game the system. And then you'll come up against the full weight of their authority – expert witnesses with unlimited funds who will say that your child's injury is genetic, genetic, genetic. You'll find obstruction in the Department of Justice. You'll find resistance. And you'll find scorn.

Almost four out of five claimants lose in what was meant to be a petitioner-friendly administrative forum. . . . Petitioners must litigate almost every case – almost no injuries are "on-table" administrative claims anymore. Though Congress intended cases to resolve within a year, cases now take many years to litigate.

Mary Holland, JD, and Robert Krakow, JD

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