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Conflicts of Interest

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 10:00 AM

US medicine is dominated by corporate interests – physicians, academic institutions, and government agencies – whose financial interests are intertwined with drug and vaccine manufacturers. Physicians, professional associations, medical institutions, and government agencies are collaborating partners in the business of medicine. The practice of medicine, medical research, and medical information dissemination channels are imbued with the utilitarian business ethics calculus. Thus individuals and communities are viewed as the means by which to increase profits. Neither individuals nor the citizenry are well served when the integrity of medicine is debased, its scientific method is tainted, and its humanitarian and moral principles are violated with impunity.

Conflicts of interest compromise our current vetting system for medical research. The system is designed to bring new products to the market with little regard for their lack of therapeutic value or their potential safety hazards. The system fails to ensure that drugs, vaccines, and medical devices are adequately tested for safety and therapeutic value. The most vulnerable populations – children, the elderly, and the disabled – are unprotected from bad medicine, defective medical products, and unethical physicians.

Vera Hassner Sharav, MLS

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