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Unavoidably Unsafe

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 9:35 AM

While the federal government goes to great lengths to characterize flu vaccines as safe and effective, all vaccines, including the flu vaccine, are legally classified as "unavoidably unsafe". During the past three years, the vaccine maker Baxter has had two recalls of its flu vaccines. In 2009, the batch of Baxter's seasonal influenza vaccine that it sent to the Czech Republic was contaminated with the deadly H5N1 avian flu virus. The company recalled the vaccines after all laboratory animals died from vaccine testing. This episode should have triggered an investigation into Baxter's manufacturing practices, but it did not. Baxter simply stated that it could not explain what happened without divulging proprietary information, and that ended the inquiry. In 2011, an inordinate number of side effects followed vaccination with Baxter's new flu vaccine Preflucel, resulting in the immediate recall of all 300,000 doses. Whether or not there was follow-up for those who suffered from the side effects of headaches, fatigue, and muscle pain is unknown. The effects of these vaccines could have been catastrophic, absent these recalls.

There are many uncertainties about the risks of bacterial contamination and the potential for carcinogenicity in flu vaccines.

Adjuvants are another flu vaccine safety concern. An adjuvant is any substance that increases the immune response so that less vaccine antigen is needed.

Toni Bark, MD, MHEM, LEED AP

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