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Posted on June 25, 2017 at 2:45 PM

American History

A study of American history usually begins with Columbus and the English colonies. But a lot of history was made in the New World before Columbus arrived in the Caribbean. Find out who really discovered America and what happened here before there were any English colonies along the eastern seaboard.

ABEC America Before the English Colonies

Slavery was well established in America before the Revolutionary War. That was England's decision. But after the war, slavery was America's problem. Why did we fail to deal effectively with the issue for 80 years? How could we have allowed it to get so out of control that we ended up in a war that slaughtered 650,000 American lives at the hands of other Americans? This brief history of antebellum America shows how and why it happened.

EAAH Essential Antebellum American History

ToC    EAAH Table of Contents, Chart of Abbreviations, and List of Source Books

Wouldn't you love to turn your TV to C-SPAN and watch live coverage of the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in 1787? Wouldn't it be fascinating to hear their words and see their facial expressions as our Founders and Framers hammered out compromise after compromise, culminating in what we know as the Constitution for the United States. We don't have that, but we have probably the next best thing. James Madison helped make the Convention happen, and he was there every day, taking detailed notes of what was being said by all the delegates, including himself. I have studied Madison's notes, pulled out what I think are the most interesting and important excerpts, translated the language into modern English, and laid it out in an easy-to-read format just for you.

CCH Highlights of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, 1787

CCT Constitutional Convention Timeline

Political Speeches aren't usually very noteworthy. Their shelf life expires at the end of the speech, for the most part. However, the farewell address of George Washington is an exception. So, I think, are the Inaugural Addresses of Thomas Jefferson. See what these famous Founders had to say at the beginning or end of their time in the White House.

GWFA George Washington's Farewell Address

TJFI Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address

TJSI Thomas Jefferson's Second Inaugural Address

Do you often wonder who was president in a certain year, but you don't have the time or patience to stop and look it up? If so, please make use of this convenient presidential elections chart. I have included a separate chart for antebellum presidents, which provides a bit more information regarding electoral and popular votes. Of particular importance is the 1860 election, because it was the first time in American history that a Northern candidate was elected without the help of anyone in the South.

USP List of US Presidents

USPE Survey of US Presidential Elections

SAPE Survey of Antebellum Presidential Elections

TAH A Brief Timeline of American History

Thomas Jefferson had a lot to say about a lot of subjects. Much of what he said is worth remembering today. Get your fill of TJ quotes right here.

TJS Thomas Jefferson Said (An extensive collection of TJ quotes)

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