Den of Iniquity

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History of Christianity

Posted on June 25, 2017 at 8:15 AM

The History of Christianity is Butt Ugly

Christianity has a very bloody and ugly history. From the beginning it has been violent, demonstrating none of the virtues usually associated with the religion today. During the Dark Ages (primarily because Christianity made it dark), Christianity virtually ruled the world. It was the golden opportunity for Christians to shine, to show the world just what was so good about the Good News. Instead, the Church behaved more like the modern Italian mafia than the sacred representative of God on earth. Instead of offering a haven for the sheep, the Church was their oppressor. Christians were exploited, abused, terrorized, enslaved, and often killed by the Church. We don't hear much about that, for obvious reasons. But every Christian needs to honestly confront the truth about their religion. The ugly nature of Christianity is still on display today.

There was a time when Christianity was in charge of most of the world. It was a miserable failure.

WCR When Christianity Ruled

Christianity continued to disgrace itself during the Inquisition(s) and the Crusades.

IMA The Inquisition of the Middle Ages

And it continues to disgrace itself today.

PP Perfidious Pedophilia

Christians played a central role in the perpetuation of slavery in the US.

COS Christianity Owns US Slavery

That was largely because Paul eagerly embraced slavery.

SiB Slavery in the Bible

Christians were anything but Christlike in their treatment of American Indians.

NA Native Americans

ABEC Americans Before the English Colonies

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