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Problems in the Bible

Posted on June 24, 2017 at 10:45 AM

Problems in the Bible

Although the primary focus of Christianity is Jesus, and therefore the New Testament, Christians also rely heavily on the Old Testament as an authoritative source of information about God. Since, Christians tell us, their God is omniscient, omnipotent, infallible, and immutable, it is the very same God in both the OT and the NT. However, we find a huge problem with that belief right from the very beginning of the OT. The NT God is one. But the OT God was many. Not God, but gods.

And the Gods we find in the OT are at times vindictive, capricious, hostile, callous, and cruel. They seem to hate women and children, proven by the fact that women and children are often treated very badly. Many of them are killed, and often it is the direct work of God himself. Catholics even today can't be sure that God does not condemn babies to eternal hell if their parents don't get them properly baptized before death. It hardly sounds like the God of love Christians try to portray.

Many of the problems in the Bible aren't directly related to God or Jesus, but derive from the Bible itself. For example, what did Jesus say? We cannot know for certain. But why not? All we need to do is read the gospels to find out. But it isn't that simple. We do not have any of the original manuscripts of the New Testament. Not even close. All we have are copies of copies of copies, and so on and so on. The copies were typically produced by illiterate or barely literate men who were often not meticulous in their work. There are hundreds of thousands of known errors in the Bible manuscripts available to us today. Most of them are relatively insignificant, not changing the meaning of the text. But many are extremely significant. Many discrepancies were introduced intentionally by men who felt it was their duty to add or omit small sections of text to clarify or emphasize or somehow make the words say what the scribe thought they should say, not what they did say.

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