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Posted on June 24, 2017 at 10:45 AM

Getting to Know Paul and John

Paul is certainly a key character in the Christian narrative. But Paul never met Jesus. He met only one of the 12 disciples and James, Jesus' brother. But that was three years after Jesus died, and he was with them for only about two weeks. Paul stated very emphatically that his beliefs did not come from any of the disciples. Paul got his information directly from God. But, certainly no more so than Jesus himself, or than his 12 disciples. If they all got their knowledge from God / Jesus, they would certainly be expected to be in full agreement on all important matters of doctrine and historical fact.

But they aren't. Bible scholars tell us the book of Acts was written by Luke, believed to be Paul's travel companion. If so, we would also expect Luke and Paul to be in full agreement. But they aren't. Paul and Luke contradict each other regarding details of Paul's ministry. Paul and Matthew disagree on the issue of Jewish law and its role in Christian life. Paul disagreed with many Christians regarding baptism. Paul even disagreed with Jesus himself. Paul said people are saved by faith. Jesus said people are saved by good conduct.

AP About Paul

Paul expected the Kingdom of Heaven to arrive any minute, so he saw no need for permanent church buildings or a complicated church organizational structure. He felt that Christians should just meet in somebody's house, with nobody in charge. No need for that, because the Holy Spirit was in charge. But that failed miserably, as Paul's letters clearly show, and it has continued to fail miserably ever since.

The most glaring difference between Paul and Jesus is the means to salvation. Paul insisted that man is saved by faith, not good works. Jesus said man is saved by his good conduct and kindness, not by faith. Jesus said very emphatically that man must continue to obey Jewish law to gain entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. Paul insisted that compliance with Jewish law was no longer required. In fact, he said, it was strictly forbidden, because it distracts Christians from the things that are important.

That alone blows the idea of God's inspired, infallible word out of the holy water. There are arguably no more important characters in the New Testament than Jesus and Paul. And there is arguably no more important issue in all of Christianity than the means to salvation. Yet Jesus and Paul are on opposite sides of the issue. How can that be, fundagelicals? That alone destroys Christianity.

WPW Where Paul Went Wrong

Paul went dreadfully wrong, as well, on another very important issue: slavery. Paul not only accepted slavery as an unfortunate fact of Roman life, he enthusiastically embraced slavery.

SiB Slavery in the Bible

The gospel of John is unique in a number of ways. There are a number of clues that John (whoever he was) was no eyewitness to the events and words of Jesus' ministry. The most important difference, though, is that the author, in his own words, proves that he is a fraud, an imposter. His own words prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the fourth gospel is not a reliable source of anything other than propaganda.

DJ Dear John

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