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Failure to Educate

Posted on July 11, 2017 at 4:00 PM

What We Have Here is

a Failure to Educate

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Educational Fraud


Public schools, for the most part, are failing to educate. Kids get good or decent grades whether they learn anything or not. They graduate whether they learn anything or not. And mostly, it's not. I've talked with many recent high school graduates who didn't learn a damn thing about American history in school, and they didn't learn much of anything else, either. But they got their diploma.

It can't be laid at the feet of teachers. There are a lot of wonderful, dedicated, talented teachers in our classrooms. They do a fantastic job in the system they have to work with. It's the system that is failing good teachers as well as students.

When these ignorant kids move on to college, those institutions of higher learning have to somehow accommodate the kids of lower learning. They can't do what the public schools should have done, so they dumb down the curriculum accordingly, and they continue the fraud, churning out ignorant kids with a college degree. What do they care? They get their ridiculously high tuition either way.

If the kid happens to be a good athlete, especially a star in football or basketball, they needn't worry about classes. All they are expected to do is win ball games, while school administrators manufacture phony academic credentials for them.

This is fraud, pure and simple. The only solution is to recognize it for what it is and take drastic steps to start actually educating students again in public schools. DEA officials and teachers' union operatives are not about to let that happen. They should be charged with fraud and tucked away with the likes of Bernie Madoff.



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