Den of Iniquity

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Posted on August 9, 2016 at 12:35 AM



Beelzebulb: A light bulb that breaks in the socket.

Beelzebus: How devils get around.

Beelzebug: A wasp buzzing around your head.

Beelzebuns: Why Lucifer needs to work out.

Beelzeburbs: Where affluent sinners live.

Beelzerub: Lucifer’s massage.

Beelzecub: The entire Chicago Cubs baseball team.

Beelzeflub: When a speaker makes a hell of a mistake.

Beelzegrub: Hell’s kitchen.

Beelzeclub: Where Lucifer and his buddies hang out.

Beelzepub: Where beelzebums drink Beelzebud.

Beelzesub: An alternative to the beelzebus.

Beelzestub: Movie pass to "Rosemary's Baby".

Beelzescrub: Surgical attire used in hades.

Beelzesnub: When you don’t get invited to Satan’s Christmas party.

Beelzeburp: A hurricane.

Beelzetub: Where you’ll find Beelsheba most of the time.

Beelzewub: Massage for Elmer Fudd.

Beelzebucks: What you spend at BeelzeBarns and igNoble.

Beelzebubba: A little devil from the American South.



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